General Features

  • Explore a visually and acoustically immersive environment.
  • Interact with unique and richly interactive non-player characters (NPCs).
  • Investigate custom 3D graphics which provide fresh sights in addition to the rich environments of Bioware's Neverwinter Nights.
  • Enjoy an entertaining, original score by Bryan Pearce (Pearcing Sounds, Inc.).
  • Experience full motion video cut scenes that create depth for the plot.
  • Engage with nonlinear freedom of play gamers expect from a fantasy game world.
  • Collect original bardic magic spell-items that trigger historic Dorian sounds.
  • Download new levels from the LGI website to expand game environment.

  • Game-play Features

  • Wander the Greek landscape and discover the safest route from Stagira to Athens.
  • Outwit a wandering rhetor with challenging NPC dialogues.
  • Intermingle with Greek citizens to find the best method to debunk a magician.
  • Gain prestige by interviewing astronomers and predicting an eclipse.
  • Navigate through an historically accurate recreation of the Athens marketplace.
  • Discover a secret passage in Alexander’s imperial garden.
  • Persuade NPCs to advance the plot and your influence in the game.
  • Solve numerous puzzles contextualized around ancient Greek culture and politics.