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HEAT is an interactive 3D instructional computer game that will provide first responders to a fire with the necessary training and background to handle a similar scenario in a real-life environment professionally, safely, and effectively.

What is the Simulation?

The simulation is a 3D networked multiplayer game-like environment in which players have the opportunity to not only learn and practice tactical response skills in a controlled, operations based real-time instructional environment, but to practice and improve skills dealing with incident command or an incident commander.


A 3D instructional computer game that addresses the topic of first responders to a fire is both necessary and desirable as the situation that it models is generally unrealizable in a real-world situation due to cost and safety factors.

The advantage of a computer-driven simulation (as opposed to a role-playing simulation or an exercise using a real burning structure) is that it can introduce environmental variables that could not be introduced in a simple role play (like the pseudo-real-time progression of a fire, visual cues, real-time movement, etc.), while not requiring expensive builds of models to be burned and rebuilt. The simulation will also remove the safety risk associated with other sorts of fire-related exercises.