The HEAT Interface


Players interact with the instructional simulation via desktop computers connected to a local area network (LAN) and an on-site server. The LAN affords players of the instructional simulation to interact with the internal logic of the simulation and other simulation players in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) environment. Voice-over-IP allows players to interact with each other in real-time.

Players view


Players travel between location using the key or mouse. An optional mini-map of locations can be displayed on the screen for orientation. All travel by players are in real-time to facilitate the realism of the scenario. Player will also control 4 bots under their command using tactical commands to order them what to do.

Minimum/Maximum Players

The game requires a minimum of 5 players. The maximum number of players will be determined by the complexity of the scenario. The minimum five players are dispatch, battalion commander, medical, and 2 firefighters.

Facilitator Live Mode before anyone has signed in


  • Facilitator screen is easy to manage and can view location of each player during the simulation
  • Facilitator can change scenario at any time and has total control of the simulation
  • Simulation can be recorded and given to firefighters for review via DVD
  • Animated smoke
  • Some real time features such as arriving on scene
  • Capability of being hosted over the web

Facilitator Live Mode, while game is in action

Saving and Loading Debrief Mode (playback)

The gaming engine will record states as the scenario progress. These states will enable the game to be reloaded from multiple points of an existing scenario. Players can learn from mistakes that were made during the simulation and discuss their actions with the rest of the players using VoIP (Voice-over-IP).

Debrief Mode of the Facilitator.

The picture above shows an overview of the house with details of the players positions. Orange dots represent players on the second floor of the house.

Another view in Debrief Mode

By highlighting a player view from the list on the right, the Facilitator can view each player's screen.