What is the focus?

    Instructional standpoint

    Tactical response of the different participants.
        1-teach the player proper incident procedure in order to save lives
        2-direct the player in how best to stabilize an incident
        3-instruct the player in best practices for the preservation of property

    Secondary focus

    The actual knockdown of the simulated fire and the rescue of simulated victims, without any safety issues.

    Design standpoint

    Focus shifts to the dynamics of the fire and the fire environment, because this is what the computer can best control. The human participants will be responsible for issuing commands and responding to those commands, with human facilitators necessarily providing the bulk of the feedback regarding the competent issuing of commands and use of airtime. The computer, and its simulation of the fire, will provide the best feedback as to the effects of the players’ actions on the fire itself. The computer will need to be able to recognize the application of interventions and modify the environment accordingly, which will give to learners a signal that the intervention either did or did not work.