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Utah Fire and Rescue Academy Logo

Their mission is to educate, train, validate, and support the fire and emergency services at the highest quality level possible.

The Utah Fire and Rescue Academy at Utah Valley University will become the premier Emergency Services education and training organization in the nation, using consistent quality assessment and quality improvement strategies.

The Utah Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA) emerged from a long tradition of providing Fire Service education in Utah. For over 30 years, Utah Valley State has been the sole provider of fire-related higher education to the firefighters of Utah.

Utah Fire and Rescue Academy LogoThe Creative Learning Environments Lab (CLE) is a dedicated research space of interdisciplinary emphasis located within the Department of Instructional Technology and in conjunction with the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning (COSL). CLE is comprised of educators and students dedicated to researching educational applications of rich sensory-based technological media. Our focus is to provide a creative outlet for students and faculty to explore new topics of interest through advanced technological means and employing interdisciplinary research and teaching methods.