The House Fire simulation depicts a fire at a single family, residential structure. The House Fire simulation will be divided into three primary phases:

Firefighting Academy.

Players choose an avatar (character within the game), learn the basic keyboard controls, and orient themselves in the virtual environment. In addition to basic skills learned at this phase the following program courses could be added in future simulation development:

  • Hazardous materials training.
  • Incident management training.
  • Confined space rescue training.
  • Ladder training.
  • Building collapse training.
  • Battalion foam coordinator training.
  • Defensive driving training.
  • Vehicle extraction training.



After a brief introductory film to set the setting of the simulation (e.g., Firefighters in the firehouse when the call comes in, sliding down the fire pole to assemble by the trucks, etc.), players will test their learned skills in a realistic virtual environment that depicts a house fire at a single family, residential structure. Although current development will focus just on one simulation skill level, future skill levels could include the following, with level-appropriate difficulties:

Battalion Chief


Player actions during the simulation will be recorded for playback during a post-simulation debriefing period. As a team, they will be able to view the actions of the players and determine the outcomes of “what if” scenarios. The will also be able to go to certain points within the simulation in order to play out the “what if” scenarios to learn from their decisions.